About us

Guardian Trust Capital focuses on products designed to serve global markets. We offer our clients some investment solutions that adapt to their investment profile and personal needs. Our premise is simple – speak your language, understand your objectives, and leverage brilliant technology to stand with you as you achieve your financial goals.

The Founders

Foto - Fernanda Guardian
Fernanda Guardian
Fernanda Guardian is a chemical engineer graduated at University of São Paulo (USP) and has a postgraduate degree in economics from the Austrian School at the Mises Institute. She is currently active in financial education work on his social media, through Instagram (@nandaguardian), YouTube, and Twitter, where she speaks to more than 160,000 followers on the three networks.
Thiago Azevedo
Thiago holds a degree in Accounting Sciences and has more than 5 years in the financial market, 1 in large international institutions. He has portfolio management and equity experience with an emphasis on offshore operations.

How Guardian Trust Capital can help you

  • Opportunity – to global investing;
  • Access – to fund managers worldwide;
  • Security – Having 100% of the assets segregated and held in US banks;
  • Succession planning – transferring a person’s assets in the most effective way possible;
  • Tax advantages – we use structures in countries that have tax privileges.